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Mar, 2021

FAQs for the Upcoming Season

Park Entry Requirements-

All players, officials, Board Members and Adult Volunteers will be checked for temperature upon entry to the park.

All persons will be screened at the check-in stations and will be required to answer the Covid Screening Questions as set forth by the State of Nevada.

We may have 250 people between the 2 tball fields, 250 people between Fields 1, 2 & 3 at Gepford Park and 250 people at the Community (Prep) Park. To accommodate this, we are limiting spectators to 2 persons per player for Fields 1, 2 & 3 at all times. Both Tall fields may have 3 spectators per player. The Community Park may have 4 spectators per player. If you are watching a Tball game, you may not cross over to Fields 1, 2 & 3 without checking in at the front, and ensuring this does not put us over capacity. 6’ distancing must be maintained at all times.

Managers, Coaches, Team Parents, Game Officials and Board Members will not count against the max number of people allowed in any one area.

Mask Requirements-

All players and spectators will be required to wear a mask upon entry to the park. While players are waiting for their at-bat, masks will need to remain on. Once a player has officially entered the game, they may remove their mask if they wish. As soon as that player steps off the field, they must replace their mask. A mask will be provided to each player as part of their season uniform.

Spectators will be required to wear their mask at all time while in the park unless they are actively eating or drinking. Spectators will be reminded to replace their mask when not actively eating or drinking.

No admittance will be extended to any person not wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth. Face shields  will not be allowed unless accompanied by a face mask.

Distancing Requirements-

All spectators must be 6’ from the next spectator. Families that reside in the same household may sit together, as long as they are 6’ from the next spectator. Any spectator that wishes to remain in their car may do so as long as you remain inside your car. No “tailgating” in the parking lots, etc.

While players are waiting for their at-bat, they must stand outside of the playing field, 6’ from the next player. The dugouts will not be utilized for anyone expect the on-deck batter. Players will have a designated marker outside the field to keep their personal equipment and use to wait for their next at-bat/on field play.

Shared Equipment Requirements-

To aid us in having minimal shared equipment, we are recommending that all players have their own glove, bat and batting helmet. Any equipment that must be shared on a team will have to be sanitized and set aside for 15 minutes before the next player can use that same equipment. This included gloves, bats, helmets and catchers gear.

Snack Bar / Food Requirements-

Our Snack Bar will be open, but 6’ distancing must be maintained while waiting in line. We will have markers on the floor, and we ask that you maintain this distance.

We will not be selling sunflower seeds, peanuts or gum, and will not allow any spectator or player to bring these items into the park. Per the State of Nevada, we cannot have these items in the park and will ask you to remove these items to your vehicle.

No team snacks will be permitted at this time. If you would like to bring a treat for the team, everything must be prepackaged to avoid contamination and players must take these to their vehicles/homes to enjoy.

Parking Lot / Street Parking Requirements-

You are welcome to enjoy a game or practice from your car, but you cannot congregate outside of your vehicle.

Following games and practices, the fields and parking lots must be cleared within 15 minutes.

No admittance to the field prior to 15 minutes before the start of any event. If your practice starts at 6:00pm, you will not be allowed access to the park or field prior to 5:45pm. Managers will provide all players with a schedule.

Sanitization Requirements-

Each team will be provided with hand sanitizer, and we will have additional stock on hand should it be needed.

Teams are responsible for clearing all trash following each practice or game and emptying their trash cans to the large trash bin.

No post-game high-fives will be allowed. Teams can stand on the 1st and 3rd baseline and hat tip the opposing team if desired.

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Sun Valley Cal Ripken Babe Ruth League

5700 Leon Dr 
Sun Valley, Nevada 89433

Phone: 775-379-6675
Email: [email protected]

Sun Valley Cal Ripken Babe Ruth League

5700 Leon Dr 
Sun Valley, Nevada 89433

Phone: 775-379-6675
Email: [email protected]
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